Shirin residential apartment (interior design)



150 m2

The reconstruction and interior design of the Shirin Home’s project in a unit with 150 square meters on the first floor of a four floors building of 8 units located at No.11 Street of Hormozan has been implemented.

The main issues we faced in designing and implementing this project were the plan correction and employer Budget.

The existing unit plan had major problems, most notably the lack of separation of private and non-private spaces. In the new plan for the entrance lobby, a gest lavatory and kitchen separate the private and non-private spaces and the kitchen is jointed which is connected to both spaces and the sliding doors that occupy a little space, distinguish privacy and non-privacy.

In the design of the plan, paying attention to the standards and dimensions for each space, due to the Iranian lifestyle today, was very much considered. Maximum use of natural light for all spaces, definition of pre-space before entering any space, creating privacy for the bedrooms, taking into account the dressing room at the entrance lobby, the Laundromat space in the kitchen and providing a sufficient depth-of-wardrobe according to the employer's request, it is one of the points that was considered in the design of the project plan.

In the interior design of this project, all architectural elements including lighting, proper color, material selection for different parts and ... tried to enhance and improve performance and quality of life.

Using an arc on the ceiling from a part of the guest room was made in harmony with the arches in the windows and the facade of the building. Hand-made tiles with unique designs and colors were used on the order of the employer in the kitchen and bathroom.

Considering the relevance of colors and the meaningful use of color in different spaces of the house, in accordance with the taste of different family members created a different theme for each space. The use of white color for wooden doors, fences and ports, beside neutral colors, will double the color of the wood. The wooden parquet was considered for parquet flooring to help warm up the space.

An important part of the design and implementation of this project was the decor and wooden works that designed for different parts. A decor was designed for the child’s room to fit both the child and the right place to put the baby's toys. The decor consists of two sections perpendicular to each other and in the southeastern corner of the room there are two walls. This decor was made of wood in two colors, self-colored and white. The combination of wood color and white of decor with pink color of wall creates an appropriate space for the child.