Andisheh residential apartment

The”Andisheh” project has been constructed in an area of 80 square meters which is located in No. 9, Zoraghchi dead end, Nahid alley, 8th Andisheh St., Andisheh St., Tehran with the total infrastructure of 300 square meters and useful area of 190 square meters in 4 residential floors in single units, it also includes 1 floor joints i.e. parking spaces on the ground floor.
The area of each residential unit is 43 square meters which includes a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

Date of starting the project: 3 April 2013
Date of completion of the project: 20 June 2013

The structural system of the building is steel.
The heating system of the building is radiator and the cooling system is split.

The main purpose of renovating the flat and interior design of it was merely nothing but to make it a cosi and warm place for the newlywed owners of it. In this respect the landlord and the landlady, who both happened to be architects, designed their own ideal spaces. The result turned out to be a creative combination of both sides' expectations according to the space, time and budget limitations. The ideas and sketches were challenged in order to form the best design in addition to the existing restrictions, which gradually led to a wholesome final plan.

The target was to join two separated apartment (3rd & 4th floor) together with a special design staircase. Therefore we have one 86 square meters duplex unite.
3rd floor includes a studio, a bedroom and a bathroom and 4th floor includes a living room, a dinning, a kitchen and a guest restroom.

The most important limitation in this project was the lack of space so we needed an efficient space design and creativity in planning so in the final design loft spaces and flexibility is seen in many parts of the project.

For vertical access since there was not enough space for standard staircase, we divided each floor stair to two pieces, therefore the length of staircase became half but the height of that was didn’t change.

One of the most important point of this project was to combine traditional Iranian architecture with the modernity, so the project is inspired from Iranian architectural details such as niches, arcs, colors and etc. for example the holes on the living room’s wall is inspired from the Aali Qapou music hall walls. Materials and colors in this project such as brick, wood and Turquoise blue is inspired from traditional Iranian architecture.

Since the owners of the flat were both architects, the studio and the book shelves were of high importance. To design the bookcase “the composition in red, blue and yellow”, which is a masterpiece by Piet Mondrian, was taken into consideration. The color white was mainly used for the doors and the walls in order to avoid the sense of fatigue for the inhabitants of the flat and additionally create more light in the space. The other elements in the house including the closet and the table were designed to be portable in order to make it possible to do the daily activities at ease. The wall which separates this space from the bedroom was designed to be low to let the natural light into the studio. The space underneath the staircase was created to be a proper inner storage area.

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